Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions? We’ve got you covered

  1. How do I book a mobile appointment? Check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to book an appointment.
  2. Do you offer services outside of Lethbridge? Yes, however, we do charge a commuting fee depending on how far you live out of the city. Want to make it cheaper? Get a few of your friends to book at the same time and share the fee.
  3. Do you service electric bikes? Definitely! BikeLane is e-bike certified through the Canadian Electric Bike Association. Staff can diagnose most electrical or mechanical issues on your e-bike, and we are able to repair your E-bike’s motor.
  4. Do you install E-bike Conversion Kits? Yes, we do! Call us for more information: (403) 331-9852.
  5. What types of bikes do you service? BikeLane is fully equipped with all the tools and technical expertise to service every kind of bike including: Road, Tri, Mountain, Hybrid/Commuter, Tandem, Recumbent bikes, Trikes, Kids bikes etc. BikeLane is also the only shop in Lethbridge that is certified to fix the electrical components of an E-bike.
  6. Where do you service my bike? All the service is performed on site at your home or in-shop. Just schedule your service accordingly.
  7. What if I book a mobile tune-up and something else is wrong with my bike that requires more time? If you’re ever worried about what your bike may need before your scheduled appointment, just call us. We will ask you a few questions and figure out the service that will best fit your needs. If something additional is needed on your bike after your appointment, you can book more time with me another day.
  8. Do you test my bike after the service? Yes. We test out all of the upgrades or repairs we do to ensure quality.
  9. My bike needs a full restore, can you offer that? The best time to schedule a full restore is during the off season (fall/winter). We will pick up your bike (free of charge) and fix it up in the shop.
  10. I have a mobile appointment booked. What happens if the weather is bad? If it’s too cold or rainy to work outside, we will either reschedule your appointment or we will pick up your bike and work on it from the shop. If you’re comfortable with it and have access to one, we can also work from your garage.
  11. Does each service offer puppy cuddles? If Scout is available, she will tag along to mobile jobs! She is always leashed up on the truck, and she is very kind to people and other dogs, alike. Otherwise, Scout will be snoozing in the shop and you are welcome to come and say hello.
  12. Are all mobile services available in store? Yes.
  13. Does BikeLane offer storage for my bike or e-bike over the winter? You betcha we do! Contact us now for more information: (403) 331-9852
  14. What kind of E-Bike brands do you carry? We sell Surface 604, Michael Blast, and OHM E-Bikes. We carry a few of each, but we are able to order you any of the bikes that are on these websites. Click the link for details.
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